alternative tourism


Cooking classes

in every city and island

Learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes and bring an aroma of Greece back home.


YOGA Sessions

in select locations

Nothing beats a Yoga Session right by the water, with the breeze of the Aegean on your face.


wine tasting

throughout the country

Learn how the locals have been producing wine since antiquity, and taste some of the finest wines in Europe.



throughout the Greek coastline

Discover the beauty that hides below the Aegean Waters, and prepare to be amazed.




See wild animals at their natural habitat and prepare to be amazed.


thermal baths

in select locations

Visit some of the most prestigious thermal baths in Greece, and let your body relax like never before.



in select places

Greece is steadily becoming a major destination for rock climbing. Especially the island of Kalymnos.


Sea Kayak

in any seaside location

Explore the Greek coastline and remote beaches with a sea kayak. 


hiking guides

throughout the country

Hike through hidden paths and take in unprecedented views in a scenic environment.

meet the locals

Join activities, like volunteering, that will bind you with the locals and help you make acquaintances, and why not friends.

The best way to see how locals spend their day is to live with them, or at least near them.

Another great way to discover the local culture is to join volunteering activities and help others along the way.

You can also enroll in tours and classes run by locals. Think of coffee classes, architecture tours, or even traditional dancing classes.

Finally, sports can be another excellent way to socialize. Kayaking, cycling, or even windsurfing are all activities that can help you meet locals.

Alternative Nightlife

Spend a memorable night whose memories will last for a lifetime.

Local Museums
Visit one of the thousands of small Greek museums and learn every aspect of local history.

Family-run Hotels

Stay in family-run hotels and houses that will bring you closer to the typical Greek lifestyle.

Wake up next to the Beach

Find accommodation right next to the beach and wake up from the sounds of waves.

Visit Monasteries

See what a Greek Monastery looks like and take some of the best photos of your holidays.

Test your luck at a Casino

Entertain yourself while spending a night at a premium cazino in Greece.

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