Your Hub to History

Athens is a lot more than your getaway to Greece. Whether you come here for leisure or business, there is always room to discover more. Since we know the ins and outs of Athens, we can tell you: no matter how many times you have been in the Greek capital, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg!



The Climbing Heaven

Are you feeling adventurous? Or maybe want to witness granite mountains on a Greek island? Either way, Kalymnos is your best bet! Here, you will explore a traditional island that praises itself as a thriving destination for alternative tourism. Think of climbing, hiking, mountain biking, water sports, or scuba diving.



The Paradise for Hikers

Have you ever seen settlements on top of enormous rock pillars? No, we are not talking about goat refugees. We are talking of Meteora, famous for its seven monasteries that stand impressive atop vertical peaks. And did we mention these monasteries date as far back as the 14th century?



The Hidden Gem

If there is one destination most undervalued in Greece, this is no other than Thassos. Once here, you will fall in love with its endless olive and pine forests that touch the crystal-clear waters. And in between, you have the sandy beaches and natural sights of unparalleled beauty. Let alone the breathtaking history!



The Perfect Road Trip

An old capital, Naflpio deserves all the attention it can get. Its beauty and charm are similar to no other Greek city. You have to be here and see for yourself. You will fall in love with the place in no time. In short, if you have to choose only one provincial Greek city to visit, that should be Nafplio! Hands down.



The Peaceful Retreat

In case you value relaxation above anything else, Skopelos is your perfect match! With never-ending forests, pristine beaches, and laid-back vibes, Skopelos promises a complete holiday experience that you will long remember. And the best part? The locals here are among the most friendly hosts in Greece.


The birthplace of democracy, Greece is blessed with rich history, majestic landscape, and endless sunshine.

Greece hosted the first Modern Olympic Games in 1986, after 3 thousand years since they first took place in Olympia in 776 BC.

In the Northern Aegean Sea, the island of Ikaria is one of the five places (“the Five Blue Zones”) in the world where the highest number of people live to a hundred.

Greece is the largest producer of sea sponges in the world. All thanks to the island of Kalymnos, home to an endless collection of natural seas sponges.

Rich History

From the tallest mountain to the most remote island, Greece has a rich history, including 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the highest number of archaeological museums than any other country.

All-year Destination

A perfect summer destination next to a winter retreat, Greece can captivate you with its beauty and keep you entertained no matter the time of your visit.


With thousands of worth-visiting destinations, the available choices will spoil you. Whether it is a mountain village or a beach resort, there is something in Greece for everyone.

Tasty Cuisine

The Greek cuisine has some of the most healthy and delicious dishes you can try. Beyond all, it is the home of feta cheese, which Omirus and Alexander the Great tasted already 2000 years ago.

Scenic Terrain

Apart from the myriads of beaches and impressive coastline, Greece is full of tall and beautiful mountains, covering 80% of the country.

Top Infrastructure

No matter your traveling style, Greece will leave you in awe with its high-quality services. Modern hotels, traditional mansions, dynamic nightlife, and diverse event venues are only the tip of the iceberg.

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