Mykonos: The Party Paradise

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Dance Until Early Morning

Even the most prominent Athenian clubs fall short of what is happening in Mykonos beach bars during summer when it comes to nightlife. If you have never been to the island and want to get an idea of a party in Mykonos, let your imagination loose, and you may be close to 10% of the reality; this says it all.

Wake Up Late

Note that Mykonos gets busy after 3 pm, where most tourists wake up after a long night out. Then, everybody wants to relax, and Mykonos beaches are the ideal place to be. The most famous spot to spend your day in Mykonos is Paradise beach, where many bars play loud music during the entire day. Dance and party never stop here. And the same goes for Agrari and Elia beach, where the gay community hangs out.

Spend your Day Beach Hopping

Many locations in Mykonos make beach hopping a popular activity. Apart from the cosmopolitan parts of the island, Mykonos also has a few remote areas and beaches where you can have a quieter time. For example, families usually pick Ornos beach for its calm waters. On the other hand, if you want to have an entire place for yourself, you can visit Agios Sostis Beach in the north.

Explore the Other Side of Mykonos

Fortunately, getting around Mykonos is easy thanks to its compact and well-maintained road network. Just join a tour or rent a car to explore the island at your pace. If you are up for a change of scenery, head towards the archaeological site of Delos, and view the old harbor of the island. After the sun sets, get back to your hotel and prepare for a walk in the old town. Downtown Mykonos is the place to be after sunset.

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