Thasos: the hidden gem of the Aegean

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5 Reasons To Visit Thassos

Reason 1: Marble And Sandy Beaches for Everyone

Thassos is full of spectacular beaches for every taste. There are more than 50 beaches around the 100 kilometers of its coastline! Wanna learn more? Check out this ultra post of 56 Beaches to Visit in Thassos, with amazing footage, including 56 videos!

Beaches Thassos
Stay Thassos

Reason 2: Quaint Places to Stay

Whether you are looking for a traditional settlement in the mountains, a quiet fishing village, or a high-end luxury resort, Thassos has it all. Not yet convinced? Check out this ultimate guide to Thassos Holidays!

Reason 3: Mountains that will leave you breathless

Thassos is one of the few Greek islands where the lush landscape comes together with endless greenery. Think of everything from olive groves, pine forests, fig-trees, and much more. And there is no better way to explore the island’s hidden beauty than hiking. Here are 30 Thassos hiking routes for every level!

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Waterfalls Thassos

Reason 4: Waterfall Hunting for Unforgettable Memories

Thanks to its several freshwater sources, Thassos is home to six beautiful waterfalls worth discovering with an ATV or an e-bike. If that sounds like an activity you want to do, here is an itinerary for a waterfall hunting adventure in Thassos

Reason 5: Mountain Bike Adventures 

Thanks to its scenic routes and landscape, Thassos is slowly becoming a hotspot for mountain bike adventures. No matter how many days you mountain bike Thasos, the land will never cease to surprise you. Here are 10 of the most spectacular mountain bike routes in Thassos

MTB Thassos

4 Thassos Traits you will love!

Scenic Location

If you head to the northern Aegean, you will find the green island of Thasos, only 6 miles from mainland Greece. Because of its distance from other islands, Thasos has remained relatively intact from mass tourism and over-exploitation. As a result, this is the place to go if you are looking for an authentic holiday experience on a Greek island. It is literally a hidden gem, often overlooked by many tourists.

Natural Beauty

Thasos has more than you can imagine for such an easily accessible holiday getaway. Think of exotic beaches, ancient sights, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, or exquisite beach resorts. You name it; Thasos has it. However, what stands out for its uniqueness and natural beauty is Giola, a circular lagoon where seawater enters and creates a natural pool. There is nothing like this site in the whole of Greece.

Exotic Beaches

If you think Giola is the highlight of Thasos, think again. Or simply visit Marble beach to swim in a turquoise bay surrounding the modern marble queries on the island. Rather than sand, this beach is full of tiny marbles that look and feel like enlarged versions of sand. Because this small beach can quickly get crowded, make sure to visit in the early morning or instead get to the neighboring beaches of Porto Vathy and Makryammos. Of course, the island is also home to many other exquisite sand beaches, such as Paradise or Chrisi Amoudia, also known as Golden Beach, for its soft sand.

A Place for Adventure

If you want a break from relaxing on your sunbed, you will discover that Thasos has many ways to surprise you with a solid adventure. Your options are many. To name just a few, you can hike among the lush landscape and hidden waterfalls in Thasos mountains, kayak through Tripiti lagoon and spectacular caves by the water, or discover the ancient ruins around Limenas, the capital of the island. And if you feel tired, head to the picturesque mountain villages of Panagia and Theologos to taste the sweetest lamp in your life. Not enought? Check out this ultimate list of 101 things to do in Thassos!

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